First for complete patient care

We are dedicated to providing the finest prosthetic and orthotic devices, supported by an unparalleled commitment to ongoing patient support and care.

Pros-Tech is a unique company in Southeastern Michigan that offers a full range of prosthetic and orthotic services-including replacement limbs and complete orthotics capabilities. We are constantly evaluating and developing systems for improved products, by keeping up to date on the latest research and technology. 

We are not bound by tradition, but instead by extremely high standards of prosthetic rehabilitation. Our specialists have the combined years of experience necessary to understand the most advanced devices. 

I strongly believe Greg, Jeff and the team at Pros-Tech are the best prosthetists in the Detroit market. Not only for their dedication to build a quality prosthesis, but to do so with the care and compassion my patients deserve.
— Mario R. Villaba, M.D., P.C Director Surgical Intensive Care

Because every patient is different we are dedicated to individually addressing the needs of each patient. We can balance technology with experience to develop the right device for every patient.

We are committed to being an integral part of a patient's health care team. Our positive approach is geared toward supporting every patients goals for activity and lifestyle. We listen, communicate, and support patients through every step of the process from surgery to rehabilitation. 

I’m not perfect, but parts of me are incredible! And thanks to the patience and perseverance of everyone at Pros-Tech, I can now literally stand on my own two feet. The Pros-Tech crew rocks more than they will ever know!
— Libby Peacock Patient, Above the knee amputee




We invite you to ask us about your particular needs or goals. We are happy to tell you more about how we provide patients with the services and personal commitment necessary to make their technology work for their lives.