Managed Care Services

Meeting the specialized needs of managed care organizations and their clients, with a focus on balancing patient care with a cost-effective approach

At Pros-Tech, we understand that prosthetic and orthotic services can be expensive. We are experts in balancing the needs of the patient with the requirements of the managed care organization. We can put together the optimum combination of materials and components that satisfy the medical and lifestyle requirements of the patient, while meeting managed care cost and eligibility considerations. 

We are conscientious about every patient's well-being, security and protection, because the patients come first. Whenever possible, we can utilize pre-existing components or preserve working components when replacing a prosthesis, for cost-effective solutions. 

Our staff is certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics. Pros-Tech is also enrolled with major service providers throughout Southeastern Michigan. Our knowledgeable billing professionals are experts in all insurance-related issues, for improved services to clients and managed care organizations.