Patient Services

Providing expert and compassionate care in addressing the individual needs of every patient, and supporting each patient's personal goals for lifestyle and activity level

At Pros-Tech, our patients are our first priority. We believe that fabricating a prosthetic or orthotic device is only the beginning. So, we are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of every patient, on every level. We begin with post-surgery consultation, to determine the goals and needs of our clients. We work together with patients, physicians and therapists in the hospital, in clinics, in our office, and even at home in some cases. We support our clients throughout the rehabilitation process, with fittings and preparatory limbs. We will make adjustments for optimum patient comfort and activity level. Then, we fabricate a custom prosthetic or orthotic device for permanent use, taking functionality and appearance into consideration. We will monitor every device throughout its life, for ongoing maintenance and adjustments.

Pros-Tech provides an outstanding level of patient education. We take the time to explain every aspect of the prosthetic or orthotic process, and answer questions from patients and their families. Our comfortable, friendly atmosphere encourages patients to support and educate each other through personal experience either in the waiting room, or in conversations with patients who volunteer to help new amputees get adjusted. We have amputees on staff who can provide a unique perspective from both sides of the process.

When you are taking care of a medical issue, payment is not something you want to worry about. Our knowledgeable billing professionals are experts, and can answer all your payment and insurance questions. We offer payment plans to meet every budget. We accept major credit cards.

At Pros-Tech, we believe in listening to the patients, and talking through the process of recovery and rehabilitation and beyond. We foster a positive approach to prosthetics, because in many cases, an amputation is a life-altering procedure. So, we help patients adjust to their new limbs through consistent contact, and by involving our patients' families for additional support. Because at Pros-Tech, we understand that people are what make technology and medicine work.