Physician Services

Assisting physicians by providing the finest prosthetic and orthotic devices, supported by personalized care and ongoing patient follow-up

Physicians choose Pros-Tech because they want their patients to benefit from advanced technology with a personal touch. We are not only specialists in fabrication with our complete on-site production lab and skilled fabricators but, we are also committed to a long-term relationship with the patient and the entire health care team. 

Since we see ourselves as an integral part of a patient's well-being, Pros-Tech's clinicians are always available to work with physicians, therapists and patients. We will provide consultation and evaluation during all stages of the process for patients suffering from vascular indeficiency, diabetes and trauma care. Our services include pre- and post-surgery management at the hospital, attending rehabilitation clinics, and performing ongoing follow-up throughout the patient's lifetime. We will also send regular status reports to physicians as required. 

We service and maintain all devices we fit and fabricate. We will work with patients to get them back in action quickly. We fabricate preparatory devices within three days or 24 hours, if necessary. Our goal is to help patients resume their pre-injury activity level, while considering cost and insurance requirements. 

Our prosthetists and orthotists are certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics, and must satisfy all the mandatory continuing education requirements. Our staff keeps up with the latest technology and developments in the field. We are affiliated with area university facilities and hospitals, and members of our staff frequently present educational lectures for the medical community.

Click here for the CMS Prosthetic Guidelines