At Pros-Tech our staff is compromised of technicians dedicated to their individual areas of expertise. We offer an advanced and personalized approach to upper-extremity and lower-extremity prosthetics. We are committed to helping every patient reach his or her goals. We can fit and fabricate prostheses for patients of all ages and desired activity levels.

Whenever possible, we utilize advanced materials for optimum performance such as silicone, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, or carbon composite. We can also create more cost effective prosthetics using time tested materials and components when required. 

Lower-Extremity Prosthetics 

Pros-Tech can custom-fabricate prosthetic devices for trans-tribal (below the knee), trans-femoral (above the knee), or hip disarticulations. Our highly trained staff will consult with the patient after surgery, create a training leg to help the patient adjust to the prosthesis, and the fabricate a finished prosthesis for a permanent use. 

Fitting and adjustments are a crucial factor in achieving optimum performance from prosthesis. We are committed to providing patients with comfort, assistance with rehabilitation along with consultations and adjustments throughout the life of the prosthesis.

Upper-Extremity Prosthetics

Pros-Tech is one of the few companies that have on staff experts in this field. Upper-extremity prosthetics include fingers, trans-radial (below the elbow), trans-humeral (above the elbow) and shoulder disarticulations.

We will custom fabricate any upper-extremity prosthesis, including passive, mechanical, or electronic limbs or even combine a variety of systems. We can also create interchangeable fittings such as a cosmetic hand for social activities, in addition to a terminal device or custom made device for work or sports. As with lower-extremity prosthetics, we will provide consultations and adjustments whenever they are needed.