Therapist Services

Supporting therapists in the rehabilitation and ongoing care of patients requiring prosthetic or orthotic devices

Therapy and rehabilitation are crucial to helping patients reach their activity level goals. Pros-Tech supports therapists through on-site evaluation and adjustment in clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes-and we will even make calls to home-bound patients. Our highly-trained clinicians work with the patient, therapist and health care team at every stage of the process, from post-operative management to creating elaborate definitive devices. We will continue supporting the patient well beyond the completion of rehabilitation.

We are dedicated to assisting with the rehabilitation process, by providing the devices that help patients reach their desired activity level efficiently. We practice positive reinforcement by developing strong relationships with our patients. We maintain ongoing communication with clients and therapists, including consultations and independent evaluations. 

Our staff of prosthetists and orthotists is certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics, and must satisfy all the mandatory continuing education requirements. Our staff also receives ongoing education in the latest technology and developments in the field. Pros-Tech is affiliated with area hospitals and universities, and members of the staff frequently perform educational lectures-including sessions with therapists and physicians. 

We encourage therapists to visit our facility, and learn more about our capabilities.